Sunday, November 22, 2009

David and Keslie Smith

So here's a fun one: a progression! This is a painting from start to finish. It was a gift for a couple who's wedding I coordinated last year, but they didn't get it till this week. ☺ It began with this excellent photo by Sam Ramsey (who kindly conspired with me) and went from there. I'm most happy with it because I drew the whole thing by eye.Masked, with a background wash.

That foot was a favorite. ☺

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mary's Corner

So tonight I drove home through the dark and the rain and the wind to arrive home at 6:00... or it would have been 6:00 if someone hadn't been driving an average of 27 mph on a 40 mph road in front of me. But it was okay because I figured God had a reason for me to go slowly, and even if I never find out what it is, it gave me a chance to study tail light patterns on the wet pavement. And then stop light patterns. That's what this is: from memory, Mary's Corner (looking south) on a dark and stormy night.I think this turned out to be a light-weight mat-board and not watercolor paper, but it worked. It's also fun to use black-- watercolorists aren't supposed to use black. But on this occasion I could come up with no better way to get the point across.